Acton Construction

A broad-based civil engineering and construction company, Acton Holdings construction division provides a comprehensive range of construction services and related services.

Our experience is widely diversified and covers a wide spectrum of the construction industry and its ancillary services including roads, public buildings, housing, water & sewage projects, hospitals, producing ready-mix concrete, engineering consultancy etc. These are briefly shown below.

Civil Works

Civil works encompass a large field and as a multi-disciplined construction company, Acton Holdings Construction has experience in the successful execution of earthwork and concrete works. From road construction to upgrading parking lots, construction of various multi-storey office blocks, warehouses, and factories, to the erection of portal structures and state-of-the-art workshops, to name but a few.

Earthworks and Plant Hire

Acton Holdings provides earthworks services and related plant hire, whether in preparation for our own construction projects or as a single service provision to clients.

Real Estate & Property Development

Acton Holdings offers the full range of construction services for road works, real estate development, from earthworks and design to construction, whether it be for commercial or residential purposes.

Project Management

From budgeting and planning to implementation, we have found that this is an area where many construction companies lack the necessary expertise. Acton Holdings works closely with local companies, providing project management support and advice, thus building and strengthening capacity within a crucial area of the construction business.

Design and Drafting Services

Acton Holdings produces layout designs and as-built diagrams for clients for a variety of construction projects, from floor-design drafting to road construction.

Our competitiveness is derived from our deep understanding of our customer’s needs and our non–compromising stand on the quality of work regarding International Engineering standards